About PPP

Project PPPは「現在進行形の音楽を形に耳に」を合言葉に設立された音楽家グループです。次世代の音楽に対しオルタナティブなスペースとして「場」を作ること、また異世代間、国内外のアーティスト交流を通し、その場の活性化を目指します。

Project PPP is a non-commercial organization founded by Japanese young musicians
in autumn 2017. Our aim is to provide opportunities for musicians in their early stage to
develop their creativity as well as to ask society what the true diversity is.

PPP Project:

Three-days Composition Academy 2019 is a comprehensive event including workshops,
lectures, concerts and lessons. It is going to be held in the beginning of September 2019
in Tokyo, the academy opens with the symposium of eight Japanese female composers.

The three themes of the academy:

1. educational program
2. promotion of female composers
3. cultural exchange particularly with musicians active in Europe and in our age  

<<educational program>>
Guest-composer Yukiko Watanabe and Chikako Morishita will provide workshops,
lectures, and private lessons where they would invite participants to discuss on the future
of contemporary music with introducing current streams in Europe also Asia.  

<<promotion of female composers>>
Along with the educational program, we will host a symposium with eight Japanese
female composers having diverse artistic backgrounds--some are based in abroad,
some teach in major universities, some collaborate with cultural and traditional art forms
and so on. Their diverse perspective will ask society what the true diversity is.

<<cultural exchange>>
In this edition we will focus on music in England. The concert program includes
works by Aaron Cassidy, Liza Lim, Simon Steen-Andersen and world premier
by Chikako Morishita under the title ‘beyond physicality’.

Project Goal
In 2020 Tokyo will host Olympic games. Under such a circumstance we think
that everyone has a responsibility to ask what the true cultural exchange and diversity is.
We hope that our event will contribute the discussion particularly by providing a place for
creative exchange for young musicians.